Fayez History
Ecommerce Company Faez, with years of experience in the design and development of systems integration software, administrative, finance, sports, banking, insurance, systems based on smart cards (Debit / Credit Card & E-Purse Systems) Systems for e-government, with 32Development projects in execution quality, customer satisfaction, and customer personnel technical knowledge, commitment and loyalty, providing advice and solutions to all classes of the company's goals are the most important sense.
Professional services firm Ecommerce Faez include:
     Implement and support the banking system (Core Banking System)
     Implementation and Support Management Software Card (Card Management System)
     Hardware Support sales terminals
     Software implementation and support of electronic banking (e-banking)
     Magnetic and smart card personalization
     Design, implement and support systems based on smart cards
     support the implementation of the electronic system (e-voucher)
     Implementation and Support Banking and Mobile Payment (Mobile Payment Banking)
     Design, implementation and support of e-government implementation and software support