Faez eCommerce company always conciler maintaining values ​​and standards. The Company has a Code of Ethics that the entire organization by senior management, and all employees will concider and will be announced to all business pertary. The values ​​are as follows:

        Respect and accept the final and binding rules pervasive in the field of ICT


         respectand do all legal principles, business law and business ethics


         Respect and value to all partners and competitors


         Respect the customer and give the customer the right employer


        In an effort to preserve the business and try Shrakay partners in addition to quantitative and qualitative


         concidering, acceptance & respect the fair value of the employees, staff and personnel in each category and the


         Provide the best customer service and the highest quality based on the capabilities and talents


        Assist  and customized in the development of software products businesses.


        Economic activity in order to gain the benefit of shareholders, employees and other stakeholders


        Support and guidance on the best way to create jobs for young people.


        Abilities and talent management professionals make use of the potential of development.


         Dissemination and development of products and services in international markets.