basedon , the prospect of a 20-year horizon, Iran economically will be a developed country that has the first place, science and technology in the region.
So the most important mission and responsibility of Faez ecommerce private sector participation in the development of integrated and balanced development of the country. The goal only served to take advantage of the latest achievements of science and the science-based information will be pivotal.
Faez ecommerce shade in keeping with the principles of God's grace and human values ​​in order to help humanity and service excellence in science and technology, has established a set of committed professionals and the goals set are
     Economic upswing in our homeland, Iran Science and Technology and Management
     Economic activity in order to gain the benefit of shareholders, employees and other stakeholders
    Supporting and guiding the youth in the desired direction by creating new job opportunities
    Talents and abilities of management professionals make use of the potential development of
     Dissemination and development of products and services in international markets.