Presentation of activities

Electronic Government, an arm of the main activities in the field of information technology and communication. The company is trying to offer new ways of using the potential of the country, the problems resulting from the lack of technology in industry, banking, higher education, and other structures and organizations to. The capabilities of the company is classified in the following areas:

     And regulatory consulting services in the field of IT-based projects

     Professional and management consulting services in IT-based organizations

     Services, hardware, software, network and security

      Education services including Production, structure, content and implementation

     Technical and Operational Support Services

     Skilled manpower in the field of ICT

Detailed description of activities
      Enterprise Architecture
         . Current business process modeling agency
         . Process modeling and optimization capabilities of using ICT
         . User models, the conceptual foundation for service excellence and leadership
         . Offering style and approach to the transition from the current model to optimize performance
      Counseling and monitoring of ICT projects
      Planning, monitoring and project management based on international standards, customized based on the project in
      Design, implementation, and performance of information and communication technology-based systems
         . Intelligent Electronic Payment Systems
         . And non-contact smart card based systems
         . Web-based information systems
      Human resource management (HRM and EHRM)
      Knowledge management and organizational excellence in the core (Knowledge management)