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The main projects are a key part of e-commerce and contract Fayez had in previous years, are as follows:

      Samin and marketing of credit cards, install and support the system Kartkhvanhay credit card Samin
      Manpower to implement and administer the bank's systems smart cards - Ayzayran
      Ayzayran software and hardware systems support more than 40 cooperation agreements in various areas
      Manpower to implement and administer the bank's systems smart cards - Ayzayran
      Support for software and hardware systems Ayzayran
      Support, service and maintenance of software and hardware systems rely
      Installation of Fuel Smart Card Project in Tehran
      Smart card support in the areas of fuel oil
      Intelligent Systems Project Kung Fu Sports Federation
      Smart project in sport Judo Federation and kurash
      Intelligent System Projects Sports Sports Federation Zrmy
      Intelligent system for sport project FIT fitness and aerobics
      Sports Fitness and Bodybuilding Federation smart system projects
      Project in intelligent sports Wushu Federation
      Intelligent system for the sport of swimming federation project
      Smart project in Liver Sports Federation
      Intelligent Systems Project Ski Sports Federation
      Physical Education and Sport Science Forum Portal Forums www.pessa.ir
      Agricultural bank of terminals and sales support throughout the country
      Support sales terminals and bank organized around Tehran
      Project inspector alert Imam Hsyn
      Project Vigilant Guardian Astan Holy Rzvyhrm
      Project Smart Library of Astan Quds Razavi
      Project Inspector awake Holy Prophet Msvmhs
      Senior guard Hvshyarasayshgah Project Package
      Hvshmndab parking and sanitation projects in Tehran - Town Zam
      Project Vigilant Guardian / Access control Iran MCI MCI headquarters
      Project inspector alert / alert communications Guardian Syarayranhmrah Avltmamy BTS tower in Tehran
      Project Vigilant Guardian and parking Hvshmndbrj B. mirdamad
      Garage Band Project / guardian Hvshyarbrj BC
      Project Assistant alert health clinic in southern Tehran
      RFID tracking of project distribution of petroleum products tankers
      Smart Project Wiki Posts
      SMS Center project in 14 Posts Tehran - Personal safes
      Vigilant Guardian Project / Maintenance Manager Rail Iran - Raja Inc.
      Project Vigilant Guardian - inspector alert the central organization of environmental protection
      Cultural Heritage Project Vigilant Guardian
      Bunker Project Controls / Management cement transportation BOJNURD
      RFID projects, property management company, Kayson
      RFID inventory management system project of the Center for Telecommunication Company of Iran
      RFID warehouse management project, the Iranian defense industry
      RFID Smart Gate project, the Ministry of Economy and Finance
      Enterprise VOIP, video conferencing, web conferencing Interior Ministry, Alanbya’s Seal Construction Headquarters, Tehran University Nvrastan message